Friday, March 6, 2009

Stephanie + Neal

Stephanie and Neal are a young and fun couple who are getting married in the fall this year!

I have the pleasure of helping them plan their wedding from start to finish. I cannot wait to see how the vintage theme Stephanie has chosen for the wedding will come together. I know that it will be spectaular.

When Stephanie and I chatted about the Save the Dates and how she wanted them to look, she started with the photo strip idea, i.e. several images laid out to look they're on a film strip. One day, I was surfing the net and came across a cool save the date that I knew Stephanie and Neal would love! It had the picture of a bride and groom, but it also had individual shots taken by a Polaroid! I sent the idea to Stephanie and she loved it! She even commented that the Polaroid images made it kinda vintage too! I chuckled to myself, these cameras were all the rage when I was a child! Okay, I am really dating myself.....

Well, the happy couple just finished their engagement session with Carson Swisher and they will be mailing out their Save the Date postcards with this amazing image. I know their guests will love them! Many thanks to Carson for sharing the image!

As a tip to brides, when sending out save the dates, consider using a postcard like Stephanie. Often, you can order these cheaper than magnets or stationery and postage is less expensive.

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