Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sample Sale at Ida's Custom Veils--new information!!

Ladies grab your purses! Ida's Custom Veils is having an unheard of SAMPLE SALE! Here's the scoop...... We've received one note from Ida's so I want to make sure we're clear....

  • The sale runs from tomorrow (6/25) through Sunday. The stores hours are 11-7 p.m. Thursday, 9-5 Friday and Saturday and Noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. (p.s. they're usually not open on Sundays!!)

  • The samples include gowns from designers such as Pronovias, San Patrick, Paloma Blanca, Mikaella and Jasmine.

  • Bring your money! If you fall in love with a gown, you must purchase it. They will not hold sample gowns.

  • Bonus goodness! If you decide to SPECIAL ORDER a gown (meaning you like the sample, but will not be purchasing it) your SPECIAL ORDER dress will be $100 off and you will receive a free monogram for your dress. How sweet is that?

  • When shopping for a dress, wear comfortable clothing and take a trusted friend. It's fun, but it can be a little overwhelming!! So relax, and enjoy the moment!

Contact Ida's and make your appointment today!

Ida's Custom Veils, 7311 W. 97th Street, Overland Park, KS

Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dressing your men--simply stylish with color!

Why should the ladies get to have all the fun? I love seeing a man all dressed up and I especially love to see a guy take his style to the next level. We decided to have a little fun with the color GREEN and see how funky the fellas can get!

The most obvious way to make a color splash is with a necktie. We found these super cool neckties online and think that both ties would make a distinguished statement. Here, we suggest that the groom sport the patterned tie and the groomsmen keep the tone with the solid necktie.

Now if the guys are dressing sans neckties, opt for a shirt that brings in the flavor. Check out Thomas Pink for custom shirt options to put your own spin for one of a kind threads.

Cuff links will give your man's shirt a polished and tailored look.

These green class cufflinks look like a piece of emerald jewelry! They would certainly reflect his beaming wedding day smile!

These knot cufflinks by Brooks Brothers are a sure bet for the refined finish!

Now we can't stop at the waist, he can take the color just a little further.

His feet will have never looked so cute!!! (is it okay to reference cute and feet in regard to a man?????) I dunno....these socks are cute, that's all that matters! It's just enough color to peek out from his tuxedo trousers.

Here is the coup de grĂ¢ce! GREEN CHUCK TAYLORS!!! I love it! Converse offers the ability to make customized Chucks, so you can put your own twist on the fellas' footwear.

What do you think about the mean green accents? What color would you like to see your man and the groomsmen take to the next level on wedding day?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dancing with your Father - Happy Father's day!!

In honor of Father's Day, here are a few songs to consider for your special moment with your father- the Father's dance with the Bride.

Here are a few of my favorites:

There goes my life, Kenny Chesney

My Girl, The Temptations

I loved her first, Heartland

Isn't she lovely, Stevie Wonder

Butterfly kisses, Bob Carlisle

For those of you whose fathers have gone before us, this is the perfect song to share with an honored family member:

Dance with my father, Luther Vandross

If none of these songs work, think back to your childhood. For inspiration, think about what songs reminds you Dad: his favorite hanging out in the backyard music, the songs you sang while riding in the car on vacation or the song he always hums off-key. For me, every time I hear a song by Donna Summer, it makes me think about dancing in the living room with my Dad doing some fierce disco moves!!! (Happy Father's day Dad!!!)

What song are you planning to use for your Father of the Bride dance?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Out on the town: Wedding Hive's roaring 20s show

I stopped by the Roaring 20s Wedding Open house hosted by members of the Wedding Hive. The event was held at the Terrace on Grand, a new venue in downtown Kansas City. The room was transformed with candles and pearls along with crystals hanging from the ceiling! (excuse my camera 101 skill level!!)

Check out the sign in book! The candles illuminated the area with a warm romantic glow!

The vendors were even sporting vintage wear. I especially loved Andre from Californo's; he had on a RED tuxedo ensemble complete with a ruffled shirt!

Janay A. Bridal Gowns, a Wedding Hive founding member, presented a fashion show. Her collection featured loads of one-of-a-kind artistry. Janay utilizes vintage and organic fabrics as the basis for her handmade creations.

Following the fashion show, I checked out the rooftop deck. This prized space is included in the rental cost at the Terrace. Ceremonies can be held here (for an additional fee).
You have an uninterrupted 360 degree view of Kansas City. You can see the Sprint Center, downtown, the Performing Arts Center and south toward the Plaza!

There is sultry lounge area and amazing sound system! Don't you want your cocktail reception here?? I didn't want to leave!!!

I was glad that I snuck upstairs after the fashion show. The models came upstairs for a mini photoshoot.

This dress was my fav! It is so whimsical, flirty and fun. I especially loved the peek-a-boo netting around the hemline. The model carried a bouquet featuring bright colors and large black feathers made by Ornamental Petal.

Check out these "simply stylish" details: a fringe belt, chocolate brown velvet hat and breathtaking black satin corset and floral details.

Congrats to the Wedding Hive gang on a successful event. Did any of you stop by?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Open house at 2000 Grand

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit 2000 Grand, the event space above The Cashew in the Crossroads district during their open house. They had a great turnout, especially since it was First Fridays in the Crossroads district.

2000 Grand has these huge garage doors around 3/4 of the space which open giving you an unobstructed view of Crossroads into downtown. This is an amazing venue for a wedding reception. Our September 2010 clients have selected 2000 Grand for their wedding reception. The second floor is also available for events too!

This is the perfect venue for summer and fall. Can't you just picture your guests hanging out enjoying cocktails with these views?

During the open house, I got to catch up with Sharon from the Gown Gallery. Look for their move downtown to occur in the near future.

I also met Katrina from Papermill Designs. As it turns out, my husband used to work with her. It really is a small world!!

Papermill's designs are artistic, sophisticated and original. They offer letterpress printing and the invitations were exquisite! I especially loved their business card! It was a coaster with the quote "Eat, drink and be married!" Just too cute!!Check out their blog!

Simply Stylish-- Dressing your mom or future mother-in-law

As you may have noted, our motto at KiSS Events is "Keep it Simply Stylish." We believe that every detail of the wedding should reflect your simple style, whether it be full of bling, romantic and frilly or understated classic. Your wedding style, when placed in all the details, will give your wedding a cohesive look.

Of course your wedding gown ties into your wedding style, and your bridesmaids will carry the vision one step further. The next layer of style is brought by the Mothers of the Bride and Groom. Before you get started on dressing those lovely ladies, here are a few tips to think about BEFORE you head to the dress shop.

1. The Mothers' dresses should carry the same style as the other members of your wedding party. If your bridesmaids are wearing tea length dresses, the Mothers may wear tea length or floor length dresses. If the bridesmaid dresses are floor length, then the Mothers dresses should be also. Don't inch that hem up to tea length!

2. The color of the Mothers' dresses don't have to be the same shade as the bridesmaids dresses. The dresses should be in the same color palette or in a complimentary shade of the wedding colors. The Mother of the Bride and Groom do not have to choose a dress in the same color.

3. Does your wedding VIP list include multiple Mothers, such as stepmothers? Make sure that you have each Mother in their own distinct shade within your wedding palette. Again, be certain to discuss with each Mother the color of dress she should focus on and if possible, provide her with a swatch of fabric to reference. Another easy way to see which colors compliment your palette is to visit your local paint department and pick up some paint chips so that you can distribute color assignments accordingly.

4. The Mothers should avoid colors such as ivory, white or anything flashy such as red sequins!!

5. Encourage the Mothers to start shopping early! Quite ofen moms approach your wedding much like they've done your whole life....they spend so much time taking care of you that they don't have leave much time for themselves. Please encourage the Mothers to get started and allow themselves plenty of time to ponder dress options.

What are your concerns with dressing your mom?

Monday, June 8, 2009

17 things to consider BEFORE hiring a wedding photographer

KansasGuest blog post by Chris Cummins. Chris is the owner and chief photographer of Glow Imagery, a Kansas City wedding photography studio specializing in documentary wedding photography and contemporary portraits. In his spare time Chris loves reading, cooking and giving belly rubs to his beagle, Opal.

Kansas City photography by Glow Imagery
The wedding date is set! Already, the excitement is building for your big day. You want awesome wedding pictures. But the challenge feels daunting. You know your family shutterbug Uncle Ned is not who you had in mind. Chances are you have never hired a photographer before. So where do you start? You know you want to interview the candidates, but what do you ask them? Here are 17 great questions to ask photographers before booking.

1. Are you full-time? When did you start shooting full-time?

The truth is most wedding photography operations are very fly by night. The photographers are doing their photography on a part-time basis with negligible photography experience. Do you believe your once-in-a-lifetime event should be on-the-job training for your photographer? I didn't think so. A full-time photographer has already made the considerable life-long investment of their energy, time and money to create a valued and trusted service. Your wedding memories deserve your photographer's 100 percent commitment not a 20 percent commitment.

2. Why do you like to photograph weddings?

This question helps you to gauge who your photographer is as a person and artist. Take stock of the person's passion and energy. Does he/she seem enthusiastic or kind of flat? People who love what they do have a tendency to be very good at what they do and working with them is always more enjoyable and fun.

Also, knowing a little about what makes the person tick is a good way to feel out what kind of a personality "fit" you may share with the photographer. After all, you will be spending an entire day with your photographer, so do what you can to be sure the person you pick will be genuinely excited to be there and pleasant throughout that day.

3. Will you be the actual photographer to shoot our wedding? If not, who?

It's not uncommon for photographers and larger studios to have a network of shooters. If you learn the person you are talking to will not be the shooter then insist you talk to the person who will and also insist you see their personal portfolio.

4. What kind of input can we have on the shots? i.e. subject matter, shotlists and ideas from other wedding shots we liked?

A formals/posed groupings worksheet is sometimes necessary when planning when and how to get that part of your wedding completed and done in time. Lots of communication is key here. When working with a good wedding photographer, it is important when capturing the unique qualities and moments of your wedding to keep it open-ended for your photographer. A good photographer cannot produce every photo you can think of, but he/she can produce photos you never dreamed of.

5. (For self-described photojournalists) How much of your candid-looking work is posing and setting-up of shots or do you get shots as they happen without posing or reenactment?

"Wedding photojournalist" has become a buzzword which has lost its specific meaning with its surge in popularity among photographers. Often, the term "photojournalist" means candid-looking when used by photographers and studios to describe their own work. Often these photographers will set up and reenact a few things during your wedding day but rely heavily upon traditional portraiture for a lot of your photos... there is nothing wrong with this approach if you are comfortable with that. However a true wedding photojournalist has the talent and ability to anticipate, observe and "see" moments as they happen without the need to interfere with the natural flow of your wedding day.

6. Are the digital files available on CD/DVD? If so, are they high resolution?

This is a popular request by couples. The discs can vary widely in price. Also ask if there are any discounts applied to the CD/DVD after a certain time has passed from the wedding. For example, the photographer may offer the discs at half-price two years after the wedding.

7. What kind of improvements do you make to the files on the CD/DVD?

It is nice to have your pictures in hand to keep safe and make whatever prints you like. Keep in mind all digital images on the disc should be toned, adjusted and worked a little to make an adequate print. You should have some guarantee of the quality of pictures on the disc.

8. Do you have a list of references with contact info?

This is a rarely asked but very effective question. A real live person who has worked with a photographer will give you valuable, objective information.

9. Who do you carry liability insurance with?

Businesses that adhere to professional practices will deliver professional service and results to you. Chances are slim you will ever have to worry about insurance coverage. But accidents can and do happen. Would you let a roofing company put a new roof on your home that did not have liability insurance? How about a mechanic working on your car? I hope not.

10. What is the delivery time for the various products you offer?

It really shouldn't take half a year to receive an album, your proofs or any other products. Try to be timely with any input your photographer requires as far as albums, edits to help this process along.

11. With the albums, how does the design and picture selection process work? Are there any fees for changes we would like prior to the album's production?

You should have some input into important keepsakes of your wedding like an album. Some photographers charge extra for a certain number of changes to the albums they design for you prior to the printing and binding of any album. Make sure such fees are all clearly stated. Beware of time deadlines too, they are necessary to preventing production bottlenecks.

12. When will the proofs be ready? Is there a time limit for the online proofing galleries?

If working with a digital photographer, online proofing (when you first get to see your photos online) should be completed within a couple of weeks of your event. The time period of online availability for those galleries varies among photographers. Some post them for three months, others post for a full year. Check with your photographer.

13. What happens if the photographer is ill? What about back-up equipment?

Any successful, established professional studio should have a network of shooters available for emergency help. You should have a written assurance the substitute photographer will be a competent professional.

14. Should our event last longer than scheduled? Will the photographer stay, are there extra charges?

Most weddings will not exceed a six to eight hour time commitment from your photographer. If you think you will need more time, find out how your photographer handles extra hours.

15. What associations do you belong to?

Another useful way to gauge a photographer's qualifications and professional commitment.

16. Why should we hire you?

Again, this question is similar in spirit to Question 3. Your photographer's answer should communicate some excitement about the privilege to shoot your wedding.

17. May we see your second photographer's entire shoot from a wedding?

Wedding photography studios often promote themselves as two shooter "teams." They are often a husband and wife duo. They are usually not the 2-for-1 benefit they advertise. For the most part they are maybe one decent photographer and a person who is nothing more than a camera holder with very little qualifications or experience. Have you seen an entire take of both photographers? Insist on seeing the second photographers entire shoot.

Finding and hiring a photographer can be a big job and a little mysterious. The right questions can help you and your future spouse find the best photographer for you. Congratulations on your engagement!

Article written by Chris Cummins, a Kansas City wedding photographer.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Transportation Part II- Guest Parking

With the revitalization of many urban areas, a host of new ceremony and reception venues have developed giving brides some fantastic options. The beauty of original hardwood floors, tin ceilings and rooftop views captivate the bride and groom and before you know it, their checkbook is out and the contract signed. Unfortunately, with many urban destinations, the facility may not have a dedicated or exclusive parking lot.

When your guests arrive to your wedding, they too will be captivated and swoon over the sheer beauty and unique qualities of your venue. That's exactly the response you and Groomie were going for, correct? Well, KiSS Events doesn't want anything to interrupt their swooning!

For many guests, your wedding may be a venture into a part of town they rarely travel and for out of town guests this is uncharted territory. The frustration of one way signs may be a little stressful and add to that the stress of finding a parking space and your guests will be overly anxious for the bar to open at the reception. Please don't think of adding a parking ticket to the mix!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you include a map and/or directions within your invitation; however, it may not be the most helpful. When compiling directions and maps, make sure to spell them out with enough detail so that everyone arrives on time and in the right mindset for your joyous occasion. To help those of you in the Kansas City area, here is a link to a downtown map including details about the traffic flow of each street and available parking lots. If your guests are staying in the downtown area, here is a link to a map laying out all the neighborhoods of downtown that they may take a little time to visi during their stay in Kansas City.

Make sure to remind your guests to read the parking directional signs if they decide to park on the street. FYI, urrently metered on street parking is free on the evenings and weekends.
Happy traveling!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding day transportation....get me to the church on time!!

Arranging wedding day
transportation seems simple enough, right? Well, hitching a ride isn't always as simple as it seems. Here are a few tips to consider while finalizing your schedule and transportation needs.

1. Count your hours!

Your transportation company will schedule a vehicle for you for a certain number of hours or trips. Please keep in mind that you cannot split the hours of service. For example, let's say you purchased a 3 hour block of time. You decide to have the car pick you and the groom up from your respective locations and drive you to the ceremony site beginning at noon (2 hours) and then later drive you all to the honeymoon suite after the reception (1 hour) at midnight. Your plan would be considered 12 hours of service because you started at noon and ended at midnight. So, think about where you will want to be transported and calculate the number of hours between the first pick up and the last drop off. Don't forget to add in time for pictures if you're doing shots throughout the city either before or after the ceremony.

2. Ask about fees!

In addition to the hourly cost of renting the limo, town car, trolley, etc., many companies add in additional fees. These fees include a fuel surcharge and tips. Make sure to ask what those costs are and add them into your final tally.

3. Allow extra room in the limo!

A 14 passenger limo is best for 11-12 people for a wedding. You and your dress account for 2 people! You also want the bridesmaids to have a little room so they won't wrinkle up their dresses. Also keep in mind that everyone has to get in and out of the car and moving around a small space with lots of dresses can be a little tricky! You may want to consider renting a trolley because it will be easier to manuever in dresses and a wedding gown.

4. Communicate with your wedding party about transportation arrangement!

I have heard stories about wedding parties taking 20 minutes after the wedding to figure out who should be riding in the limo, who isn't, etc. This is precious time!! If you are providing transportation for your entire wedding party to and/or from a venue, please let them know early. Your party may need to coordinate with their spouses, significant others, family members, etc. to arrange their own transportation.

If you are not providing transportation for the wedding party, make sure they not only have directions to the reception venue, but also have instructions on what to do when they arrive. Do you want them to be a part of the big introduction or would you like them standing by the head table when you all make your entrance as "Mr. and Mrs.?"

Whatever you do, make sure everyone has a ride home at the end of the night!

5. If you're not renting a limo, trolley, etc., make sure whatever transportation you're in will be roomy enough for you, your dress and veil. Brides often forget that a veil can get caught or snagged on something quite easily so make sure your chariot isn't filled with hidden dangers!

6. Have fun and enjoy the ride!