Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Congratulations to Madeline and Alex!

I have some of the coolest clients! I really do!! Madeline and Alex are getting married this September and have a chosen to mix their love for fall colors with an urban vibe. The talented Patrick Binder took their engagement photos. For more of the shoot, check out Patrick's blog.

Madeline and Alex customized the photo with their save the date information. I especially like the graffiti!

I cannot wait for September guys!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Cherry Blossom Season! A real baby shower with this springtime theme!

I just love surprises! My good friend in Dallas, Christina, recently gave birth to her second baby girl! Since she was having another daughter, she was adamant about not having a baby shower. Well, one of my best friends, "CF", and I were not to be swayed. I declared: "Let's have a bath instead!!!" (Leave it to two lawyers to get specific about terminology!)

So, the secret bath plans were underway. The first order of business was to decide upon a theme. Since we knew Christina was decorating the nursery in chocolate brown and pink, we decided to go with a cherry blossom theme. We found these cute cherry blossom invites at Paper Source. You purchase them blank and print them yourself.
We contacted Christina's husband and mother to gather addresses to send out invites with the secret information. I clocked a few hours searching for the perfect venue. After numerous phone calls and email messages, we selected La Duni restaurant in Dallas at North Park mall to host our small group of ten.

Next, came the decoration plans and favors. I, of course, carried the cherry blossom theme throughout the shower. Since we were in the private room of a beautiful restaurant, the decor was simple. I purchased the coordinating cherry blossom stamp from Paper Source and had a stamping fest!

We had one long table, so I rented brown satin chair sashes to be used as runners from Be Seated in Olathe. I purchased some vellum from a local craft store and free handed cherry blossom branches over the paper. I wrapped the vellum around tall glass candle holders to give the table a nice glow and a hint of cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, I was using my new camera which didn't have very much memory. But, trust me, the table was really cute!!

CF and I had the most difficult time trying to decide what favors to give the guests. We found cherry blossom candles, lip balm, bar soaps and other goodies. Nothing seemed special enough. We brainstormed and decided to experiment with cookies. CF created this awesome chocolate chip and dried cherry cookie recipe. I suggested that we name the cookies "Sophia blossoms"- "Sophia" for the baby's chosen name and "blossoms" to sync with the theme.

We created recipe cards and favor tags, which I drew free hand and hand stamped with cherry blossoms.

For a simple keepsake, we chose to do a picture mat signature board. I free handed the cherry blossoms on this as well.

We managed to get to Dallas with our Sophia blossom cookies, cherry blossoms centerpieces and sanity in tow! Christina was completely shocked and really touched. She loved the Sophia Blossoms! CF and I had the best time planning this sweet surprise bath for her.

Oh yeah, for dessert, we ordered La Duni's cuatro leches cake. It was complete heaven!!! I cannot wait to get back to Dallas!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Sweet Week-Gotta love cupcakes!

While out shopping a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this simply adorable shop, Smallcakes, A Cupcakery off of 143rd and Metcalf. Well, as a good planner, I simply had to do some investigating!

I got a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a German chocolate cupcake with coconut pecan frosting for my hubby. Here is a pick of the fell over on the drive home (taking those corners too quickly, I guess!)

After I got home, I waited a whole day to try to cupcakes. (I had a calorie fest on Saturday and needed to balance out my intake!) So, the next evening I decided to try just a little taste of the cupcake. I wanted to savor it for a couple of days. That picture above was at 8:08 p.m.

Here is my cupcake at 8:15 p.m.

I tried to slow down, I really did. The cupcake was moist, flavorful and a generous size. The cream cheese frosting was a little sweet for my taste, but it balanced the cupcake perfectly. (Hubby enjoyed his cupcake too!) Smallcakes offers a number of flavors, including adorable sundaes! Smallcakes would be perfect for a bridal shower or for a wedding cupcake tower. They also offer the option to host private parties.

Stop by and get yourself a little treat. You deserve it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Sweet Week: How to cut your wedding cake!

Cutting the wedding cake is one of my favorite times at the reception. After all, it puts us one step closer to being able to eat cake!

I have a few tips regarding this honored and sweet moment.

1. Speak with the photographer about the most appealing place for you to stand while taking photos of the cake cutting. Typically you will stand behind the cake to allow the best view of you and the cake.

2. Make sure to ask your DJ/Band leader to announce the cake cutting. Guests want to see the action and if they are in the middle of a conversation, sneaking off to the restroom, etc. they may miss the moment.

3. Discuss your cake feeding preference with your significant other. The groom may think cake smeared across your face sounds funny; however, you may think your couture gown could do without the cake crumbs.

4. Do you want to use your hands or use forks to feed one another? It seems like a simple question; however, everyone has an opinion!

5. Cut a small piece of cake from the back of the bottom layer and go for it!

Enjoy your cake cutting. Don't forget to wipe the crumbs off your mouth!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A gourmet brownie on a stick? I'll have two!

Meet the Browniepop: insane goodness!

A few weeks ago, I met with Marsha Pener Johnston, the owner of Browniepops. After seeing a write-up on her company in the Kansas City Star which featured the pops decorated like the famed members of the KISS rock band, I contacted Marsha right away! She was gracious enough to meet me and even provided me with some samples. (Bless her heart!)

First, let me describe these little gems. When you first bite into the pop, you experience an outer layer where the brownie has been dipped in smooth chocolate that has hardened, forming a crisp shell. Then, you reach the brownie layer. It's rich, chocolate and gooey, and tastes just like a brownie that has come fresh from the oven.

I shared one of the pops with my co-workers. Let me just say that I had to keep the sample plate moving. People were reaching for seconds and not remembering one of the first rules we learned as kiddos: "Learn to share with others!!"

Browniepops is the perfect solution for a non-traditional wedding favor or something to use on your deluxe dessert or candy bar a la Amy Atlas. The Browniepops come in 11 different unique flavors including cream cheese swirl, peanut butter and Missouri Mud. You can personalize the Browniepops to give away as favors at your wedding or special event by providing the company with your custom ribbon and tags.* You can also request they be drizzled in a certain hue to match your wedding colors.* (Marsha requests at least 2 weeks lead time for custom orders; however, the lead time depends upon the complexity of your order.)

Now that you're salivating, you simply must try a Browniepop. Order them online or purchase them locally at Dean and Deluca in Overland Park. I guarantee you won't regret it! (While you're there, can you get one for me? Thanks!)

* subject to minimum order requirements and additional charges or fees.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just who is Sharon with KiSS Events?

Hey there world! Here is my very first video post. (shiver me timbers!!!)

I have been a bit aprehensive about recording myself and then putting it out there for the world. Well, I am trying to move forward and push myself out of my comfort zone.

So, meet me, Sharon, the owner of KiSS Events. Please excuse the random interference...not sure what that was! (Remember, I did say that this was my first video....ha!)

I look forward to posting more video blogs in the future! Stay tuned!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular, July 2009

I know....this post is really late! But, better late than never!

We participated in the KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular on July 25th and had a blast! I had been pondering for quite some time about what do to for the booth. I wanted something that was fun, interactive and attention-grabbing. Well, after a few days of simmering, it came to me! We're named KiSS Events; why not have a kissing booth? So, we enlisted the help of our handyman....I am certain he didn't want to fix our deck that week anyway!!!...and he built me an old-fashioned KISSING BOOTH. And I must say, it was soooooooo cute!

So, I decided that people could take pictures in the kissing booth and have their picture taken as a little keepsake. I enlisted the help of a fellow exhibitor and AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER, Stacey Schmitz. He had a photog on site to snap some funny moments and a few smooches too.

To make the booth "KiSS Events" worthy, we gathered a few moments to help inspire our guests. We had a Marilyn Monroe wig, rock star wig, feather boas, floral tiaras, and of course, lip glosses to make everyone's pucker "kiss-worthy"!

Here a few shots of the booth and some kisses! We had so much fun laughing and smiling with everyone and meeting the brides, grooms and their families.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to peruse the show too much, but we did see a few of our favorite vendors! Katrina from Papermill Designs stopped by to say "hello". Above and Beyond Catering had a show-stopping booth that could be seen across the exhibition center. They have some new pizzas on their menu. I could have eaten a whole pizza pie, it was so delicious!! We had a booth next to Brancatos Catering/All Seasons Tent & Rentals. They created a divine tent that had a lime green ceiling and sheer, gauzy white drapes framing the sides. It was taken to the "simply stylish" level with their place settings and florals. Oh, and everyone kept walking by with a sample of their pasta dish....let's just say I had more than one sample (but who was counting??)! Finally, I had a chance to say "Hi" to Shana from Shana Vaughn Designs. She had some lush garden arrangements that just made you feel good. She gave me a rose and hydrangea arrangement to take home! (she's soooo sweet!) I surprised my mom with the arrangement because she was a tremendous help in getting the booth and props ready. (thanks you!)

A few folks even asked if the booth was available for rental.....WHY CERTAINLY! Contact us to discuss your event.

Hugs and kisses!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday musings and developing your wedding timeline!

Hello Monday, February 22, 2010!

Before we get to the wedding goodness, I have to share.

I had a bad morning, so I wrote a mini rap. Keep in mind, I have no lyrical skills, but had to do something to make myself laugh! So, here goes....

Woke up late,

With a headache

Off to work

Awwww maaaaan....

I forgot my purse

No parking pass or any cash for gas

It's gonna be a long day, that's my hunch

Oh well, at least I've got my lunch

Now that you've chuckled at my corny sense of humor, let's get back to regularly scheduled programming.....

Since we're talking about running late, there is no time like the present to offer up some tips to keep your wedding day running smoothly.

1. Create a timeline or itinerary for the wedding party. Distribute the timeline the week before the wedding so that if anyone has questions or concerns you have time to adjust accordingly. You should also advise your wedding party, in detail, about your expectations.

2. Make sure to include the street addresses and phone numbers of all the important places they will need to be in the itinerary (i.e. the salon, ceremony site, reception site, rehearsal dinner venue, etc.) A lot of people use GPS devices, so make it easy for them to plug in the address and GO!

3. Allow extra time for getting ready. It goes without saying, we girls do a lot of stuff to get "wedding ready"! I always build in extra time (at least a 1/2 hour) for hair and makeup. If you are hiring a professional make-up artist or hair stylist, your maids or mothers won't have had a trial run with the professional. Or, there could be a case of "DIY- bad hair day" going on. So, having extra time to tweak make-up or hair styles is imperative. No one wants to look less than their best on the wedding day!

4. When it's time to depart for the ceremony, build in a little extra time in your itinerary. This isn't like running to the store where you grab your purse and keys and hit the road. You've got to make sure you have your dress, toiletries, rings, etc. all packed and arranged in the car, limo, etc. (no crushing the gown!). If all of the ladies are leaving together from one centralized location, then you have multiple purses, make-up bags, dresses, etc. to contend with.

5. Remember what I said about expectations? This is key for photographs. One of my brides last year was extremely worried about post-ceremony pictures taking too long. She had been in a wedding where the bridal party kept wandering away, resulting in chaos during formal pictures. My suggestion is to choose a central gathering location for post-ceremony pics and ask everyone to gather there immediately after the recessional. Moreover, remind them to remain in that area until all of the pictures are completed.

Are there any timing tips or concerns that you have? Please share!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sacrifice? Now? It's the Lenten season

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of the Lenten Season. In short, Lent is a 40 day period of sacrifice and prayer in preparation for the Easter holiday. The 40 days represents the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness being tempted. During Lent, we are encouraged to give up something that will be a sacrifice, a stretch, a challenge. Whatever sacrifice we make should ultimately improve our faith journey. Lent is also a time for us to engage in doing good works and serving others.

Well, I have had a difficult time trying to decide what I should give up for Lent. This process was made more difficult, in part, by this past Sunday's sermon at my church. The pastor told us that we should have progressed in our faith journey and not still be in the same place were were 5, 10, or even 2 years ago. He used an example stating that "If you gave up candy 5 years ago, then you shouldn't be giving up candy now. Your sacrifice should be greater than that." Ouch....

Well, I had really thought about giving up candy. It is a well known fact that I can eat a pack of Starburst in under two minutes. (no kidding!) Now, I must admit, I have given up candy for Lent, a few times. One year, I got really jazzy and gave up all sweets. (It was a long 40 days. really. long.) So now, I was stuck without my "no candy "option, what was I to do? Yesterday, I told friends on Twitter that I needed some divine inspiration. I wasn't kidding.

So, I spent some time thinking about all of the things I needed to work on and reflected upon a few recent conversations I had with some friends and family members. After that, I came up with these two points.

1. I am horrible about keeping in touch and contact with people. I let too much time go by. So, I am going to make a list of 40 people that I haven't talked to in a while and reach out to them. I want to see how they are doing and what's happening in their lives.

2. This was brought on by my mother. She hates the use of cell phones while driving and asked me last night to stop driving and talking. I promised her I would. That's gonna be just a teenie bit hard because I do a lot of talking and driving. So, I figured Lent was a good time to start. Just to let you all know how hard it will be, I called a local rock company while I was driving to work today. I have driven past their signs and yard rock display for months and always tell myself to call and inquire about custom work. Today, I called...It's only the second day of Lent....just pitiful!

I know that there is more I need to do, but this will get me started. I will write an update at the end of the season!

What are you giving up for Lent? How is it going?

Friday, February 12, 2010

In my mailbox- Paper Source catalog

For the crafty types in the world, Paper Source is just a bit of heaven on earth. For those of you unfamiliar with the store, they carry a variety of greeting cards, invitations, blank paper, blank cards, stamping supplies, exquisite handmade papers, delicate ribbons.....okay, I could go on and on. Believe me, I have spent my fair share of time (and money) in the local shop in Kansas City.

In the most recent catalog, they have these adorable chalkboard items. I fell in love with two things: a chalkboard coaster and candle tin. They brought out the inner child in me!

I used to love the chance to write on the blackboard at school. (except that one time when my name was listed on the chalkboard for being disruptive in class...anywho, I digress).

I think these items would be awesome favors, place cards or escort cards. You could write guests names on top of the tins with their table assignment and display those on a table. Or, how about writing a "thank you" or "love" note to all of your guests for them to take at the end of the event? For the coasters, the same escort/place card idea could be used. Here's one better- a personalized welcome note at each guest's place setting (think coasters propped up on tiny easels!)

I feel an inspiration board coming on with these little gems! How would you use the chalkboard favorites at Paper Source?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out on the town: K. City Coffee House & Wine Bar

I really do have the coolest friends! I do......

Some really great friends, Robb and Kina, have ventured into their dream. They have opened a new business in the River Market area: K. City Coffee House and Wine Bar.

I stopped by the shop last week for a client meeting and had the BEST hot chocolate. It was chocolatey, but not too strong. Topping off the delicious cup of sweetness was the ambiance. K. City is outfitted with beautiful art work, comfy furniture and FREE WiFi. They have recently added paninis to their already bountiful menu which includes cookies, quiche, scones and Big Momma's cinnamon rolls. Yum-e! You can peruse wedding websites all day and have something good to eat after you've worked up an appetite. Wedding planning is hard work, after all.

K. City is also available to rent for intimate events and gatherings. They also rotate artwork regularly. so share your talent. This beautiful shop is located at 412 Delaware, Ste. B., Kansas City, Mo.

Upcoming events include:
Feb. 17th - Girl's Night In - A relaxing evening full of free stuff, indulgent facials & new make up by Estee Lauder.
Feb. 18th - Open Mic Night
Feb. 19th - Musician Aaron Michael Fuhr 6p-8p

For more information on the art gallery, hosting events and upcoming events, please contact Kina at or 816.472.5552. Get the latest info about K.City by following them on Twitter @KCityCoffee.

See you there!
(congrats Kina and Robb!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a thought.....

Last night, I had a mini meltdown. I am not the most tech-savvy girl and yesterday, I hit "the wall" while trying to work with my computer and camera. You know "the wall" I am talking about. The one where you've tried and then re-tried, then asked for help, then thought about it some more, then came up with a new strategy and that didn't work either. So, last night I gave up! I turned off the camera and computer because NOTHING was going according to my "new and improved plan."

I worked on something else, totally unrelated, for the rest of the evening and went to sleep. I, unfortunately, suffer from the condition of "over analyzing." So, when I got up this morning and walked past the computer and camera, I got upset again. I left for work and dropped off my dry cleaning. When I got back into the car, I noticed this coupon for Krispy Kreme donuts that had been riding in my car for the month or so. At that moment, I did not have much extra time and I was nowhere near a Krispy Kreme shop. Something in my spirit told me that I needed to do something nice and unexpected for the people I work with, even though I really didn't feel chipper or in a very giving mood.

I took the 20 minute detour and wouldn't ya know, the HOT NOW light was on at the donut shop! Yeah! I got my 2 dozen original glazed and drifted down the highway. I announced that there were warm Krispy Kremes in the break room to my co-workers. Someone asked "What's the occasion?" I responded that "Jesus told me to be nice today." Someone else said that having that donut made her morning; it had been a little rough already. Another just popped her head into my office to say thanks.

I came to my desk and wrote this post. I didn't expect people to be so appreciative...they were just donuts. I am glad I listened when Jesus touched my heart. The lesson is quite simple: Give and go the extra step when you don't really feel like it. You may be surprised how the act touches others, but most importantly, how the act changes you.

Have a good one! I am going to get a donut. (I hope they are still warm!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super Sales----till Saturday!

Hey folks! I did better this week. I scoured the pages of the KC Star and here are my finds for the week:

1. Joann Fabric & Craft Store have their stock of jewelry making beads, findings, tools and supplies on sale 40% off. This is the perfect opportunity to make personalized gifts for your bridal party or make a special "I love you!" memento for your mother.

2. Target has SELECT swim separates on sale for $14.99 to 19.99 for each piece along with the Exhilaration swim coverup with pocket for $9.00 For you beach bound honeymooners, you can afford to have a different swimsuit and coverup for each day!

3. Target also has the Flip MinoHD 2GB camcorder on sale for $229.99! The camcorder records up to 120 minutes of HD Video! This is perfect to capture all of the pre-wedding festivities like the bridal shower and bachelorette party (just keep it PG on the bachelorette party footage, okay....) Take it along on the honeymoon too. When is the next time you're gonna swim with the dolphins or go white water-rafting? You want to be able to relieve the moment when you're having a really icky day.

What shopping finds have you seen?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Around town---Restaurant Week Kansas City!

Kansas City foodies.....ARE YOU READY?

Tomorrow begins Kansas City's Restaurant Week. This awesome event will satisfy any palate. From January 22-31, 100 of the best and finest Kansas City metro area restaurants will offer multiple-course lunches and/or dinners at the deliciously low prices of $15 for lunch and $30 for dinner (beverages, taxes and gratuity are not included).

The goodness keeps on coming....10% of the price of each multi-course meal purchased will go to Harvesters to help fight hunger in the Kansas City community.

So, how does it work? The website lists all 100 restaurants participating in the event. The restaurants have PDF files of their lunch and/or dinner offerings. Scroll through the list, read through the menus, start salivating like Pavlov's dogs and then make a reservation using Open Table. There is a link for reservations right next to the menus. It's that easy!

Now, ladies and gents this week comes at a perfect time for wedding plans. Some of the restaurants offer catering services and depending upon your venue, you can get a tasting of what some of your reception fare could taste like. Some of the restaurants can accommodate wedding receptions and this event gives you the chance to take a peek into the venue and evaluate their service level. You just might discover the perfect place to host your rehearsal dinner while you're noshing.

Or, quite simply, you could use this opportunity to eat a lot of delicious food and do some good for Kansas City's community. Enough said!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Sales----till Saturday!

Okay, I may be the only person, but it takes me forever to make it through the Sunday paper. How about you? As I scanned the paper, I saw several items that would help brides. So, here are my finds in for the KC market.

1. Get organized. If you haven't already, invest in a small file box along with hanging folders. This helps you keep all contracts handy, a place for your notes, a print out of the budget, etc. Office Max has IRIS File-N-Stack Handy boxes on sale, along with hanging folders and manila folders. They also have bonus rewards on heavy duty binders!

2. Get GLAMOROUS! For you ladies doing your own makeup or who want to do some experimenting before your make-up trial, head to CVS. There are some great sales on Revlon and CoverGirl cosmetics...even "buy one get one" on select Revlon products with a CVS card. I think I may buy a few new items to get ready for Valentine's Day!

3. Inspire the little ones. World Market has a 365-piece Everything Craft Jar on sale. The kit, made for kids 3+, has all kinds of goodies that will keep the kiddos entertained during the reception.

4. Get crafty. Michael's has Favor Kits and the BRIDES line of invitation kits on sale. In addition, they have other goodies like silk petals and party bubbles on promo. You know you want bubbles floating over your head as you float down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.!

Are there any sales or bargains you've come across? Hurry girls, get shopping!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You're Engaged....Now what????

First, congratulations on your engagement! I know that you're beaming....looking at your finger constantly and just loving life! That's exactly how you're supposed to feel! hehe!

Now that you two are on the way to marital bliss, what should you do next? Well, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Discuss your budget. That means talking to everyone who is contributing to the wedding fund. Also discuss contingency plans. What happens if someone loses their job or gets sick and cannot contribute? What will you do?

2. Talk about your dream wedding with your fiance. Will it be outdoors in a remote field, at the church where you grew up? Do you want a lounge/cocktail fete for the reception or a 5 course sit down dinner? Do you want it in the morning or evening? Get all of the ideas down on paper and come to some type of consensus....and remember it's two people getting married....not one!!

3. Make a guest list. This gives you an idea of how many people you've got to plan for. Yes, your parents get to invite their friends!

4. Select a wedding date and an alternate wedding date. What if your dream venue is booked on the first date? You want to have a back-up plan.

5. Select your bridal party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl, etc.) You need to know how many people will be standing at the altar with you. Nothing is worse than cramming in a lot of people in a little bitty space! Plus, your bridal party needs to starting planning and budgeting for the big day.

6. Research and visit ceremony venues. Look at different types and locations. Pictures often can't tell the story of a place. Remember to consider the vicinity to lodging if you will have a lot of out of town guests. Also consider the distance to the reception and how easy it will be to navigate.

7. Research and visit reception venues. The same notes apply. But, also look at the restrooms. Are they adequate? Is there space to store items (you and your maids purses and make-up bags) so that you can keep them handy, but safe. Is there enough dressing space? Take a look at the catering kitchen and know what amenities are present.

8. Now, go dress shopping! I know how exciting it is to buy a dress, but you want to make sure that the dress fits the ceremony space and reception space that you and the hubbie-to-be hav chosen. What if you picked this long, grecian style dress just knowing that you're going to have a simple, outdoor wedding and then fell in love with a beautiful chapel and decided to go a little more formal. That dress doesn't fit the venue and may look a little out of place. To satisfy the need to shop, look at lots of magazines and The Knot.

9. Choose a photographer. Pay attention to each individuals' style. Are albums included? What about the rights to images? Do they offer those cute thank-you cards you adore?

10. Hire an officiant. You do want to get married....legally.....don't you?

Okay, this should get you started for now. Does anyone have any questions about what to do next? If so, leave or comment or email me at

Happy Planning!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making Things Happen 2010!

Wow....I just returned from Dallas meeting Lara Casey , the Southern Weddings Magazine team and Jeff Holt. Lara and her good friend Jeff launched The Making Things Happen 2010 tour across America designed to fire up those in the wedding planning industry. Let me just say that my ears are still smoking because I am fired up and excited about what is in store for KiSS Events.

I had the chance to meet a number of amazing vendors from the Dallas area and I am just as excited for what they will accomplish in 2010.

If you haven't checked out the Southern Weddings Mag blog, you simply must do so. They feature some of the most beautiful, inspiring and sweet weddings.

Thanks again Lara, Jeff, Emily and Katharine for a wonderful experience!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

We're in the Knot Magazine!

Woo hoo! I am featured in the latest Missouri/Kansas Knot Magazine, page 30 to be specific! Several months back, The Knot contacted planners, requesting tips about the KC area from our perspective. Well, I sent in 3 pages worth of ideas, tips, suggestions, etc. This past summer, I received a call advising me that the magazine was going to feature some of the tips from KiSS Events. I was in the lobby of a corporate building when I received the news.....have you ever tried to do your "happy, excited dance" in public??!!

....mmm, well, ...I think I maintained some composure. Check out our tips in the magazine, as well as the other features. As usual, it's chock full of goodness!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's 2010! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. I must first apologize for not posting since June.....after dedicating a lot of time to my brides, time has gotten away from me and my laptop. Now for the good news, look for some exciting news about KiSS Events. I have been featured in the latest Knot Magazine for MO/KS! So, look for a post this week about the feature. We are also working on a new and improved website along with some other REALLY fun stuff. I cannot reveal too many details, but I am super excited!!!!!! (yee haw!) We will feature some of our 2009 clients as well. Finally, look forward to some tips, inspiration and all around wedding goodness.

Again, Happy New Year to you! I pray that 2010 holds health, peace and prosperity for you and your families!