Thursday, April 30, 2009

Florist alert!! A company has gone out of business!!

We all know that these are tough economic times. Every day we are bombared with information about job cuts, companies filing for bankruptcy and the dismal stock market. This economy has affected us all in some way and not usually for the best. Well, we are not certain the basis for closing, but a local florist has shuttered its doors.

An alert in yesterday's Kansas City Business Journal indicated that a local florist, named a "Rose for You" located on Johnson Drive in Shawnee, has gone out of business. Johnson County prosecutors are interested in hearing from brides who contracted with them for upcoming weddings. Read the story here.

If this company is someone you've arranged to do business with, please let us know. We'd be happy to provide you with some vendor referrals and suggestions on how to proceed.

Best of luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration---Rehearsal Dinner ideas (aka the skating story!)

I am writing this post while laughing out loud! Okay, before we get to the inspiration, you must suffer through one of my stories, the springboard for the inspiration if you will.

A few years ago, while in law school, I was always the classmate who veered the topic of conversation off of the subject matter of property law, torts or the evils of our research papers. I think it was my third year of law school (it's the last year of law school and so "senioritis" had set recall that feeling from high school and college, right?) and we were having another one of our "let's not talk about law talks" while out at one of our many happy hours where we mused about our lives. Some song came on that immediately reminded me of a "couples' skate" song from my childhood school skating parties, so I asked my classmates how many of them liked skating parties. During this conversation, I told them that I always wanted a birthday skating party and by the time the night was over, we all agreed to go skating because we hadn't been in years! Mind you, I had passed the age of 30 a couple of years earlier and probably had no business hitting the rink!!!

So, one week later, we're at the rink and I am ready to roll!! It's a Friday night, but there are a few kids to contend with and I am frankly a little nervous. I started wondering if I should do this... the kids are wizzing by me just a little too quickly. So, I put my skate out there and told myself to "just do it"! After a few songs, I am moving, cruising, bobbing my head to the music, thinking I've still got it, 30+ looks good on skates....

Then, it happened. I was going around a curve and not sure what happened...but what I do know is that I did a graceful belly flop to the ground. OUCH...OH LORD!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I AM OVER 30, THESE BONES MAY NOT HEAL!!!! Then, some kid's dad asked me if I was okay as he coasted on by. Seriously, he looked older than me, which made me feel even worse. Needless to say, I got up and decided to enjoy the rest of the nite on the wall!! Oh yeah, my ribs hurt for the next week!!!! I should also mention that no one else fell down.....just me, the mastermind behind this whole outing.

Well, what conjured up this story you may ask? I drove past that fateful skating rink last night and happened to be talking to one of my friends and just started laughing so hard. She was, of course, confused, because neither of us said anything funny. Well, I told her the infamous skating story and confessed that I'd always wanted a birthday skating party, to which she replied "You can do that, tell your hubby! It won't be hard to organize that effort, that can be done tomorrow!!" Our conversation continued and I asked her what type of party she always wanted, to which she replied a pool party and a Worlds of Fun (a local amusement park) party.

So, this started a further discussion to which we've asked our other friends. My friend has even posted it on her Facebook page to see what her extended circle has to say. (one person already replied with "a princess party complete with ballgowns and tuxedos"!!! wow!)

Now, I know you're wondering what does this have to do with wedding plans?Often my clients are frustrated because they want to have a unique rehearsal dinner that is fun and relaxed and where they get to enjoy their guests. Since the rehearsal is about the couple, I propose this: think about the parties you always wanted as a child or maybe your favorite party and you're likely to come up with some great ideas and learn a little about each other as well. Now, in my case, I always wanted the skating party, but I am not sure how well that would go over with some family members (my 82 year old grandmother on skates????mmmm, not so much!). But, I could have some Wii stations with skating games, or do some of the traditional skate party activities, like the limbo or for the kiddos, the Hokey Pokey. For my friend's amusement park desires, maybe you could rent some of the amusement park/carnival type games (milk bottles and balls, squirt guns, ring tosses) and have a cotton candy and funnel cake machine to make treats.

Just think about it, you get the party you always wanted and your guests will have a great time. Maybe you can even get your folks to chip in extra so you won't be scarred for life from not having the party you alllllwaaaaays wanted (use your whining voice)!

What type of birthday party did you always want to have? Let's inspire one another!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed?

Wedding day is quickly approaching for a number of brides. Finalizing details, dress fittings and check writing is enough to send you over the edge. For others, the planning process is getting underway and the decisions and choices that need to be made seem like a very tall mountain. (Who knew there was so much to consider when booking a reception venue is what one of my newest clients just said to me!)

Last week I had one of those overwhelming days. A day when you start thinking of everything that you need to do, still haven't done, and the fact that someone is calling me to add something NEW to my list. So, then I really got cranked up. I started thinking about what I haven't accomplished in my life, what plans I really need to make and stick to, and just had a mini-meltdown.

So, I used my good friend "google" and looked for some quick tips to get my mind settled and back to feeling like I was in control. I came across this article which provided me with some really insightful tips. Check out this post from InMyHeels on feeling overwhelmed.

Brides, please know that we can help with the overwhelmed sensation. We can take over your evergrowing list, provide clarity and give you your freedom. All we want you to do is be glamourous!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Working toward a beautiful marriage!

Wedding planning is difficult, time consuming and stressful. Often, I have to remind brides to take a break from the wedding planning and do something non-wedding related. Go to the movies, watch something other than WE wedding weekend or read Time Magazine instead of the stacks of wedding magazines occupying your nightstand. Your life is more than wedding planning!!

While the wedding you are planning is very important and likely your most life altering event to date, it's also important to prepare for life after "the big day." You are embarking on a journey that will be funny, gut wrenching, stressful and amazing. No matter how well you know your future spouse, you will learn something new after you're married.

Since I am still fairly new to marriage, I am still learning and always looking for ways to improve and ensure that my hubby and I are building a lasting relationship. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop a few weeks ago featuring Dr. Gary Chapman called "Toward a Growing Marriage" that he presents at churches across the country. Dr. Chapman's workshop provided an insightful look at the different aspects of marriage including two key areas: communication and conflict resolution. He has written two books that I highly recommend you and your spouse read- "Toward a Growing Marriage" and "The Five Love Languages". When reading these books I guarantee that you will learn something about yourself that will enhance your marriage.

Let me know if you've read any of Dr. Chapman's book and how they've helped you!

Here's to a beautiful future!!