Friday, March 27, 2009

The perfect ensemble for your Bridal Shower, Rehearsal dinner or post reception party!

Find me on Polyvore When I was getting married, I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to wear to all of those pre-wedding events! I didn't want to be over the top, but then I thought that I should look "just a little better" than everyone, after all I was the bride. I even remember on the day of my first shower which started at 11:30 one fine Saturday morning, I had a change of "wardrobe heart" and was at Macy's when the store opened! I ended up finding some absolutely gorgeous sling-backs that I still get compliments on to this day! I even ran into my high school english teacher, which confirmed to me that my change of heart was the right path to choose!!
So, in an effort to help all of you 2009 brides, who are counting down to all of your pre-wedding festivities, I will be bringing you a variety of different looks to make sure that you are picture perfect!
This ensemble says "bride" to me! This grouping is perfect for the bride who wants to look glamourous, but doesn't want to be too overdone. You could wear this to a casual shower with friends, especially a shower that had a fun theme such as cocktails or lingerie!! If your rehearsal dinner is low key, this simple and elegant group will fit the bill. For those of you planning to hit the town after the wedding reception, you'll still be dolled up, but able to hit the bathroom solo!
To find out more details on the ingredients in this ensemble, click on the box. And yes, those are a killer pair of Jimmy Choos!!! Hey, you're only going to have a bridal shower/rehearsal dinner/post reception party once!!

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