Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed?

Wedding day is quickly approaching for a number of brides. Finalizing details, dress fittings and check writing is enough to send you over the edge. For others, the planning process is getting underway and the decisions and choices that need to be made seem like a very tall mountain. (Who knew there was so much to consider when booking a reception venue is what one of my newest clients just said to me!)

Last week I had one of those overwhelming days. A day when you start thinking of everything that you need to do, still haven't done, and the fact that someone is calling me to add something NEW to my list. So, then I really got cranked up. I started thinking about what I haven't accomplished in my life, what plans I really need to make and stick to, and just had a mini-meltdown.

So, I used my good friend "google" and looked for some quick tips to get my mind settled and back to feeling like I was in control. I came across this article which provided me with some really insightful tips. Check out this post from InMyHeels on feeling overwhelmed.

Brides, please know that we can help with the overwhelmed sensation. We can take over your evergrowing list, provide clarity and give you your freedom. All we want you to do is be glamourous!!!!

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