Monday, April 13, 2009

Working toward a beautiful marriage!

Wedding planning is difficult, time consuming and stressful. Often, I have to remind brides to take a break from the wedding planning and do something non-wedding related. Go to the movies, watch something other than WE wedding weekend or read Time Magazine instead of the stacks of wedding magazines occupying your nightstand. Your life is more than wedding planning!!

While the wedding you are planning is very important and likely your most life altering event to date, it's also important to prepare for life after "the big day." You are embarking on a journey that will be funny, gut wrenching, stressful and amazing. No matter how well you know your future spouse, you will learn something new after you're married.

Since I am still fairly new to marriage, I am still learning and always looking for ways to improve and ensure that my hubby and I are building a lasting relationship. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop a few weeks ago featuring Dr. Gary Chapman called "Toward a Growing Marriage" that he presents at churches across the country. Dr. Chapman's workshop provided an insightful look at the different aspects of marriage including two key areas: communication and conflict resolution. He has written two books that I highly recommend you and your spouse read- "Toward a Growing Marriage" and "The Five Love Languages". When reading these books I guarantee that you will learn something about yourself that will enhance your marriage.

Let me know if you've read any of Dr. Chapman's book and how they've helped you!

Here's to a beautiful future!!

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