Friday, March 5, 2010

A gourmet brownie on a stick? I'll have two!

Meet the Browniepop: insane goodness!

A few weeks ago, I met with Marsha Pener Johnston, the owner of Browniepops. After seeing a write-up on her company in the Kansas City Star which featured the pops decorated like the famed members of the KISS rock band, I contacted Marsha right away! She was gracious enough to meet me and even provided me with some samples. (Bless her heart!)

First, let me describe these little gems. When you first bite into the pop, you experience an outer layer where the brownie has been dipped in smooth chocolate that has hardened, forming a crisp shell. Then, you reach the brownie layer. It's rich, chocolate and gooey, and tastes just like a brownie that has come fresh from the oven.

I shared one of the pops with my co-workers. Let me just say that I had to keep the sample plate moving. People were reaching for seconds and not remembering one of the first rules we learned as kiddos: "Learn to share with others!!"

Browniepops is the perfect solution for a non-traditional wedding favor or something to use on your deluxe dessert or candy bar a la Amy Atlas. The Browniepops come in 11 different unique flavors including cream cheese swirl, peanut butter and Missouri Mud. You can personalize the Browniepops to give away as favors at your wedding or special event by providing the company with your custom ribbon and tags.* You can also request they be drizzled in a certain hue to match your wedding colors.* (Marsha requests at least 2 weeks lead time for custom orders; however, the lead time depends upon the complexity of your order.)

Now that you're salivating, you simply must try a Browniepop. Order them online or purchase them locally at Dean and Deluca in Overland Park. I guarantee you won't regret it! (While you're there, can you get one for me? Thanks!)

* subject to minimum order requirements and additional charges or fees.