Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Sweet Week: How to cut your wedding cake!

Cutting the wedding cake is one of my favorite times at the reception. After all, it puts us one step closer to being able to eat cake!

I have a few tips regarding this honored and sweet moment.

1. Speak with the photographer about the most appealing place for you to stand while taking photos of the cake cutting. Typically you will stand behind the cake to allow the best view of you and the cake.

2. Make sure to ask your DJ/Band leader to announce the cake cutting. Guests want to see the action and if they are in the middle of a conversation, sneaking off to the restroom, etc. they may miss the moment.

3. Discuss your cake feeding preference with your significant other. The groom may think cake smeared across your face sounds funny; however, you may think your couture gown could do without the cake crumbs.

4. Do you want to use your hands or use forks to feed one another? It seems like a simple question; however, everyone has an opinion!

5. Cut a small piece of cake from the back of the bottom layer and go for it!

Enjoy your cake cutting. Don't forget to wipe the crumbs off your mouth!

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