Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You're Engaged....Now what????

First, congratulations on your engagement! I know that you're beaming....looking at your finger constantly and just loving life! That's exactly how you're supposed to feel! hehe!

Now that you two are on the way to marital bliss, what should you do next? Well, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Discuss your budget. That means talking to everyone who is contributing to the wedding fund. Also discuss contingency plans. What happens if someone loses their job or gets sick and cannot contribute? What will you do?

2. Talk about your dream wedding with your fiance. Will it be outdoors in a remote field, at the church where you grew up? Do you want a lounge/cocktail fete for the reception or a 5 course sit down dinner? Do you want it in the morning or evening? Get all of the ideas down on paper and come to some type of consensus....and remember it's two people getting married....not one!!

3. Make a guest list. This gives you an idea of how many people you've got to plan for. Yes, your parents get to invite their friends!

4. Select a wedding date and an alternate wedding date. What if your dream venue is booked on the first date? You want to have a back-up plan.

5. Select your bridal party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl, etc.) You need to know how many people will be standing at the altar with you. Nothing is worse than cramming in a lot of people in a little bitty space! Plus, your bridal party needs to starting planning and budgeting for the big day.

6. Research and visit ceremony venues. Look at different types and locations. Pictures often can't tell the story of a place. Remember to consider the vicinity to lodging if you will have a lot of out of town guests. Also consider the distance to the reception and how easy it will be to navigate.

7. Research and visit reception venues. The same notes apply. But, also look at the restrooms. Are they adequate? Is there space to store items (you and your maids purses and make-up bags) so that you can keep them handy, but safe. Is there enough dressing space? Take a look at the catering kitchen and know what amenities are present.

8. Now, go dress shopping! I know how exciting it is to buy a dress, but you want to make sure that the dress fits the ceremony space and reception space that you and the hubbie-to-be hav chosen. What if you picked this long, grecian style dress just knowing that you're going to have a simple, outdoor wedding and then fell in love with a beautiful chapel and decided to go a little more formal. That dress doesn't fit the venue and may look a little out of place. To satisfy the need to shop, look at lots of magazines and The Knot.

9. Choose a photographer. Pay attention to each individuals' style. Are albums included? What about the rights to images? Do they offer those cute thank-you cards you adore?

10. Hire an officiant. You do want to get married....legally.....don't you?

Okay, this should get you started for now. Does anyone have any questions about what to do next? If so, leave or comment or email me at Sharon@kiss-events.com.

Happy Planning!

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