Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dressing your men--simply stylish with color!

Why should the ladies get to have all the fun? I love seeing a man all dressed up and I especially love to see a guy take his style to the next level. We decided to have a little fun with the color GREEN and see how funky the fellas can get!

The most obvious way to make a color splash is with a necktie. We found these super cool neckties online and think that both ties would make a distinguished statement. Here, we suggest that the groom sport the patterned tie and the groomsmen keep the tone with the solid necktie.

Now if the guys are dressing sans neckties, opt for a shirt that brings in the flavor. Check out Thomas Pink for custom shirt options to put your own spin for one of a kind threads.

Cuff links will give your man's shirt a polished and tailored look.

These green class cufflinks look like a piece of emerald jewelry! They would certainly reflect his beaming wedding day smile!

These knot cufflinks by Brooks Brothers are a sure bet for the refined finish!

Now we can't stop at the waist, he can take the color just a little further.

His feet will have never looked so cute!!! (is it okay to reference cute and feet in regard to a man?????) I dunno....these socks are cute, that's all that matters! It's just enough color to peek out from his tuxedo trousers.

Here is the coup de grĂ¢ce! GREEN CHUCK TAYLORS!!! I love it! Converse offers the ability to make customized Chucks, so you can put your own twist on the fellas' footwear.

What do you think about the mean green accents? What color would you like to see your man and the groomsmen take to the next level on wedding day?

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