Friday, June 5, 2009

Transportation Part II- Guest Parking

With the revitalization of many urban areas, a host of new ceremony and reception venues have developed giving brides some fantastic options. The beauty of original hardwood floors, tin ceilings and rooftop views captivate the bride and groom and before you know it, their checkbook is out and the contract signed. Unfortunately, with many urban destinations, the facility may not have a dedicated or exclusive parking lot.

When your guests arrive to your wedding, they too will be captivated and swoon over the sheer beauty and unique qualities of your venue. That's exactly the response you and Groomie were going for, correct? Well, KiSS Events doesn't want anything to interrupt their swooning!

For many guests, your wedding may be a venture into a part of town they rarely travel and for out of town guests this is uncharted territory. The frustration of one way signs may be a little stressful and add to that the stress of finding a parking space and your guests will be overly anxious for the bar to open at the reception. Please don't think of adding a parking ticket to the mix!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you include a map and/or directions within your invitation; however, it may not be the most helpful. When compiling directions and maps, make sure to spell them out with enough detail so that everyone arrives on time and in the right mindset for your joyous occasion. To help those of you in the Kansas City area, here is a link to a downtown map including details about the traffic flow of each street and available parking lots. If your guests are staying in the downtown area, here is a link to a map laying out all the neighborhoods of downtown that they may take a little time to visi during their stay in Kansas City.

Make sure to remind your guests to read the parking directional signs if they decide to park on the street. FYI, urrently metered on street parking is free on the evenings and weekends.
Happy traveling!

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