Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding day transportation....get me to the church on time!!

Arranging wedding day
transportation seems simple enough, right? Well, hitching a ride isn't always as simple as it seems. Here are a few tips to consider while finalizing your schedule and transportation needs.

1. Count your hours!

Your transportation company will schedule a vehicle for you for a certain number of hours or trips. Please keep in mind that you cannot split the hours of service. For example, let's say you purchased a 3 hour block of time. You decide to have the car pick you and the groom up from your respective locations and drive you to the ceremony site beginning at noon (2 hours) and then later drive you all to the honeymoon suite after the reception (1 hour) at midnight. Your plan would be considered 12 hours of service because you started at noon and ended at midnight. So, think about where you will want to be transported and calculate the number of hours between the first pick up and the last drop off. Don't forget to add in time for pictures if you're doing shots throughout the city either before or after the ceremony.

2. Ask about fees!

In addition to the hourly cost of renting the limo, town car, trolley, etc., many companies add in additional fees. These fees include a fuel surcharge and tips. Make sure to ask what those costs are and add them into your final tally.

3. Allow extra room in the limo!

A 14 passenger limo is best for 11-12 people for a wedding. You and your dress account for 2 people! You also want the bridesmaids to have a little room so they won't wrinkle up their dresses. Also keep in mind that everyone has to get in and out of the car and moving around a small space with lots of dresses can be a little tricky! You may want to consider renting a trolley because it will be easier to manuever in dresses and a wedding gown.

4. Communicate with your wedding party about transportation arrangement!

I have heard stories about wedding parties taking 20 minutes after the wedding to figure out who should be riding in the limo, who isn't, etc. This is precious time!! If you are providing transportation for your entire wedding party to and/or from a venue, please let them know early. Your party may need to coordinate with their spouses, significant others, family members, etc. to arrange their own transportation.

If you are not providing transportation for the wedding party, make sure they not only have directions to the reception venue, but also have instructions on what to do when they arrive. Do you want them to be a part of the big introduction or would you like them standing by the head table when you all make your entrance as "Mr. and Mrs.?"

Whatever you do, make sure everyone has a ride home at the end of the night!

5. If you're not renting a limo, trolley, etc., make sure whatever transportation you're in will be roomy enough for you, your dress and veil. Brides often forget that a veil can get caught or snagged on something quite easily so make sure your chariot isn't filled with hidden dangers!

6. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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